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Dear Participant:

I am currently a doctoral student working on a degree toward Doctoral Management in Information Systems Technology at the University of Phoenix. I am doing a research entitled; “A quantitative analysis of the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Turnover factors of Relational Database Support Specialists” The purpose of this study is to investigate the causes of the high turnover rates among database support specialists and their influence on the organizations’ ability to retain their database support professionals.

Your participation involves completing an online survey consisting of about 30 questions in approximately 12 minutes. If you decide to decline to participate in the study please just click on the Decline button on the opening page in which case you would be exited from the survey otherwise click Accept to proceed whereupon you would begin the survey. There is no penalty if you choose to decline. Participants in the survey are completely anonymous and names of participants are not requested even when the results of the study are published, no names of participants are ever requested and participation in the study will always be kept confidential.

This study poses no foreseeable risks to the participant now and the future. The researcher doesn’t seek participants’ contact information in the survey process. Participants are guaranteed continuous anonymity during survey and in the future.

Most organizations maintain an aspect of database and have a need to find solutions to the problem of the turnover pertaining to their database support professionals. Although direct benefits to you is not obvious, your participation will greatly benefit various organizations in understanding the issues of turnover and possibly addressing measures to solve these high turnover problem of relational database support specialists.

Please contact the researcher of this study for further questions at:

gtakusi@hotmail.com or gtakusi@email.phoenix.edu


Gabriel Takusi

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