Thanks for taking the time to complete the Perth allotment garden survey.

The Perth Community Allotment Garden is a collaborative initiative between Transition Perth, The Table Community Food Centre, and Sow it Grows.

This survey is being used to gauge the interest in establishing a new community allotment garden in Perth.

An allotment garden would provide individuals, families or groups with their own plot to grow on.

The Table Community Food Centre currently has community garden for people interested in gardening together. At The Table's garden everything is grown together and gardeners are welcome to take home what they need. The rest of the produce is taken to The Table and used in the food bank, community meals and food skills programs. For more information about The Table's garden visit their website:

The Town of Perth has indicated their initial support for the concept of a new allotment garden and we are investigating possible sites on town property. Your feed back will help us narrow down the choices, and help us assess the level of interest in the community. 

For further information or any questions please contact Jennifer Druker by email at or call 613-267-9949.