Ride Registration

Information to be used for campground registration and emergency contact information.

* 1. What is your ADV handle?

* 2. What is your real name? (Optional if your shy.)

* 3. Do you plan on staying in the Ponderosa Campground in Cody?  If YES, what is your license plate? There will be a $9 fee payable to Wansel at the CG.

* 4. Do you plan on staying at the Spring Creek CG in Big Timber?

You will need to register with the office when you arrive. $15 per person.

* 5. What make and model of ride? Describe your ride. (Optional)

* 6. What is your cell number?

* 7. Would you provide an "In Case of Emergency (ICE) number?

* 8. Add any other information you think would be of use/interest.

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