I’m planning to offer a series of Trados (and some non-Trados) webinars for translators. These webinars are not meant to compete with the webinars and online courses offered by SDL International but to provide an additional, more flexible and interactive learning opportunity.

Each webinar would consist of two parts: a 30-60 minute presentation followed by a 15-30 minute Q&A session. The total length of each webinar would be 45-90 minutes depending on the topic(s) covered. Pre-registration and payment of a registration fee (USD 20-40) would be required and the number of seats for each webinar would be limited.

For planning purposes, I would like to get feedback from translators about whether they are interested in these types of webinars in general, and what specific topics they would be most interested in.

Please complete the following brief questionnaire if you are interested. Thank you.

Tuomas Kostiainen