Questionnaire on the establishment of an advisory centre on investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS)

At the thirty-eighth session of UNCITRAL Working Group III in October 2019, general support was expressed for establishing an advisory centre on investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS).

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assist in the preparatory work on the establishment of such an advisory centre, which requires careful identification of the needs of potential beneficiaries, and a determination of the potential structure and financing of the centre.

Information on the deliberations of the UNCITRAL Working Group III on this topic can be found in document A/CN.9/1004*, paras. 28 to 50  (see also document A/CN.9/WG.III/WP.168, available at

Other resources include the Academic Forum on ISDS Concept Paper 2019/14, An Advisory Centre on International Investment Law: Key Features, Karl P. Sauvant, available at as well as a scoping study by the Columbia Centre for Sustainable Investment (CCSI) on behalf of the Government of the Netherlands (to be made available at