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Day 1

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AD1 Increasing the Total Media Buy
AD2 20 Revenue Ideas to Put Into Action Today!
AD4 Content Marketing: Our Greatest Opportunity and Greatest Threat
AD5 Native Advertising: The Intelligent, But Risky, Form of Advertising
CC1 How to Use Quality Data to Differentiate Yourself as a Premium Publisher
CC2 CASL Compliance: Email Policy & Procedure Audit, Session One
CC3 CASL Compliance: Designing Your New Email Manual, Session Two
CC5 Managing B2B Data in a Digital World
DG1 Getting Big by Staying Small: Magazines, Digital & the Power of Niche
DG2 Programmatic: The Next Big Thing!
ED1 How Analytics Can Make You a Better Editor: Or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Numbers
ED2 Bladewriter 2049: How to Beat the Replicants
ED3 The Customers Always Write: How to Thrive in Custom Publishing
MG1 The Business of Publishing
MG2 Because It’s 2017: Living Diversity at Your Magazine
PL1 Canadian Magazine Media in a Digital Age

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Day 2

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AD3 Thinking Beyond Content
AD6 The Publisher’s Edge: The 2% House Advantage that Transforms Relationships into Sales
CC4 State of the Newsstand Nation
CC6 Niche Covers that Worked and Why
DG3 The Truth About Digital Transformation
DG4 The Business of Podcasting
DP1 How to Jump Fences to New Fields
DP2 Design Trends: Seeing is Believing
ED4 What We Can Learn from Broadcasting
MG3 Turning Disruption into Delight: Media Alchemy
MG4 Cooking Up an Empire
MG5 Queering the Media: The Making of a Magazine for LGBTQ+ Women
SO1 Live...from Facebook!
SO2 Eyes On Us: Capturing Audience Attention in the Age of the Mindless Scroll
SO3 Building Your Brand on Instagram
SO4 B2B Social Media Analytics: A Case Study on Wild Rose Brewery

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MagNet Marquee - Jane Francisco
Marquee Soirée
Networking Lunches at MagNet Square
CDS Global Circulator Networking Reception

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MagNet Square exhibition area

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