1. Chief Operating Officer Details

This is a key role for IWT. As our COO, you’ll work directly with me to help build our team, plan our projects, and “keep all the trains running.” This position is unique in its scope: On one hand, this is a highly operational role, and you should have extensive experience hiring, firing, and managing multiple projects at once. On the other hand, you’ll use your in-depth knowledge of the business to make strategic recommendations for staffing and projects.

If you’re the kind of person who ends a conference call saying, “OK, what are the action items?” this role might be right for you. If your your friends joke around about how you have 50+ filters/folders to manage your email...we should talk. And if you can talk to an entrepreneur and identify key strategic recommendations (or oversights)...this role

In general, this is NOT a highly creative role. I’m looking for someone highly experienced in executing complex project plans, setting up reporting systems, and “making sure the trains run on time.”

We’ll work together extensively, so a fun personality is a must.

If this role is right for you, I hope to hear from you!


* 1. In this business, we generate revenue by selling information products (online courses, ebooks, etc). What are KPIs you would track for my business?

* 2. A significant part of this job is project management. Assume we have 20 projects we’re currently executing or planning to execute. How would you decide what to prioritize?

* 3. We have staff around the country. How would you manage a virtual team? Please be specific and include recommendations on tools and processes you would use.

* 4. What would your first 30 days look like? Identify one likely problem you’ll encounter and how you would deal with it. Please be specific.

* 5. What is your desired compensation?

* 6. Full Name

* 7. Email Address

* 8. Link to your LinkedIn profile