A Parents & Carers Survey

This survey is designed to help the school better understand how new parents feel about their child's recent transition from primary school to inform future improvements/developments.
Please take a few minutes to tell us your views. You will be given the opportunity to add comments if needed. Your individual answers and comments will be confidential.

* 1. My child moved from year 6 to year 7 smoothly

* 2. My child had plenty of visits to the comprehensive school when they were still in primary school.

* 3. My child enjoyed the transition days in year 5 and year 6

* 4. My child got to know some of the year 7 teachers before they started year 7

* 5. My child's year 6 teacher could answer our questions about what we should expect in year 7

* 6. There were plenty of opportunities for parents to attend workshops and prospective parents evenings in order to find out about relevant information.

* 7. My child was looking forward to starting year 7

* 8. My child had lots of information about year 7 by the time they got there.

* 9. The work got harder in year 7 but my child could cope with it.

* 10. My child liked his/her new classes because they contained some junior school friends, but lots of new friends to meet too.