1. 2016 Festival of Scholars Submission Form

Welcome to the 2016 Festival of Scholars submission process. We have three categories of presentations at the Festival of Scholars.

1. Poster Presentations: Students display their research via posters on a 4’ X 5’ stand. Students do not present a formal oral report, but are available at least one hour during the day the poster is presented to answer questions about their research to persons attending the festival. If you intend to present a poster, click here.

2. Oral Presentations: (Only Faculty can submit Oral Presentations.) Generally, only one student is involved in an oral presentation. This presentation is usually about 30 minutes in length and focuses on a specific area of research. For research to be presented as an oral presentation, click here.

3. Panel Presentations: (Only Faculty can submit Panel Presentations.) This type of presentation involves more than one student and usually lasts about 45 minutes. Sometimes the presentations are organized around a central theme and each presenter may have a specific topic to discuss with its own title. For research to be presented as a panel discussion, click here.

Deadline for submission is March 18th.