Jamie has put out the call and he wants to hear from you! Please fill out our questionnaire to tell us about your community and the health issues facing you.

The Good Foundation is an independent not for profit working to lead the transformation of Australia’s food habits through advocacy, program delivery and collaboration. Our goal is to maximise the health, wellbeing and productivity of communities across Australia.

We would love to learn about what areas you think need attention in your community, from sugary drinks to food education, food security to fast food nations, healthy canteens to junk food advertising. Let us know what problems you are trying to solve!

* 1. Organisation/Community

* 2. Address

* 3. Website (if relevant)

* 4. Contact Person

* 5. Position/Title

* 6. Telephone Number

* 7. Email Address

Please tell us about your community

* 8. Town/Community Name

* 10. Please share any relevant information on your community with us. You may wish to include information on your community population distribution in terms of age, gender and significant sub populations (e.g.: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders persons, migrant groups). You may also wish to note whether there is a prevalence of socio economic disadvantage within your community; information on community health, including rates of obesity and/or diabetes or other health related instances; and other unique circumstances including access to fresh produce or the number of fast food outlets.

* 11. Please outline the problem you think needs solving.

* 12. Please let us know what help or support your community needs.

Thank you for giving us some food for thought! The information provided will be compiled by The Good Foundation and shared with Jamie Oliver in the UK. This information may also be used to assist with our advocacy campaigns and in the development of new programs.