The eNutrition Academy (eNA) is a global partnership organisation formed by the African Nutrition Society, the American Society for Nutrition, the African Nutrition Society, the Nutrition Society (UK & Ireland), the Federation of African Nutrition Societies , and the International Union of Nutritional Sciences in partnership with Cambridge University Press. The eNA partners have embarked upon a major drive to make learning materials and training available to African scientists, students, and practitioners through an online learning platform that is free at the point of access. 

The Academic Board of the eNA is responsible for overseeing the development of e-learning courses and curriculum from conception to dissemination in line with the vision and mission of the organisation. One of its first tasks is to complete an assessment of need/demand for short and medium-term planning. 

The objective for this brief survey is to identify needs/demands for e-learning courses for undergraduates and graduate students and trainees and to prioritise suggested topics. 

Thank you for your participation 

Grace Marquis
Trustee of eNutrition Academy
Chair of the eNA Academic Board