* 1. Have you owned a Lark ?

* 2. Have you been to a Lark Belle Isle event or championship?

* 3. In the most recent year you have attended a Lark Belle Isle event or championship, how many did you do that year?

* 4. Where do you sail? (Name your club, or state if of no fixed abode)

* 5. Please rate the following as to reasons why you do not do more events (1 - not important, 4 - very important)

  Not important Not very important Quite important Very important
Lack of available time to do a one day open meeting
Lack of available time to do a two day open meeting
Good lark club sailing where I live
Distance I would need to drive to get to more Lark events
Cost of travelling to more Lark events

* 6. Your Lark Class Owners Association committee are looking at options to increase attendance at events. Below are three options - please rate each from 1-4 in terms if likelihood to make you travel, where 1 is would travel less, 2 is no change to today, and 4 is would travel a lot more
NB: Championships (Nationals - Penzance, Inlands, Winters - Northampton, Youths, Euros - Carnac) would remain unchanged in each option (2014 indicative venues are not final)

  Travel less Travel same as today Travel a little more Travel a lot more
Current Belle Isle structure - c.13 events across the UK, mixture of 1 and 2 day opens, roughly alternate weekends between March and October - 5 to qualify for overall series
Regional version of Belle Isle - retain same number of events (c.13), but qualification based on doing 2 events in your region plus one in a different region.
Consolidated Belle Isle - c.5 key events (one in each region) focused on major Lark strongholds (as an example for illustration: Rock/Netley/Waldringfield/South Staffs & Shustoke/poss one northern venue), with remaining other events laid on by clubs but not part of overall circuit - gives c.1 Belle Isle/Championship event per month between March and October

* 7. Please use free text box to provide any further comments that you wish to make