When you join Asia Association of Test Publishers (AATP), you are part of an international network of members committed to advancing the integrity of assessment services and products and their value to a global society.

The Asia ATP conference provides an exceptional and valuable opportunity for professionals, educators, employers, researchers, test sponsors, program managers, clinicians, and business leaders in the assessment industry, to convene on a common platform for learning, presenting ideas, and networking. For more information, please visit our AATP 2024 Conference Website.

Theme - Stepping into the Future: Burning Questions about Testing and Education in Asia

We're excited to announce the Asia ATP 2024 Annual Conference scheduled for November 17-19, 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

We're currently inviting paper submissions that delve into topics such as Bridging Innovation With The Human Spirit, Assessments in the Age of Gen AI, and Re-shaping Assessments and Education in the Digital Era, among others aligning with our main theme. Presenting at the AATP conference offers unparalleled exposure to the testing and education community.

If interested, kindly submit this questionnaire latest by July 31, 2024.

Objectives Of The Conference

(1) Promoting the quality of testing programs by introducing products, theories, and best practices,

(2) Identifying industry trends in each market in Asia, and

(3) Lowering the barriers for local practitioners to gain global access to quality test contents, technologies, and partners/clients via establishing their direct professional network.