Thank you for your interest in CPI’s Vietnam - US Employment Connecting Program

Who is Career Pass Institute USA (CPI)?
Career Pass Institute USA (CPI) is a New York based career coach institution, which provides global standard career training services.

Our primary focus is not only provide career training for international & Vietnamese undergraduate students in the USA and connect them to the top employers and/or internship/job opportunities globally but also develop the next generation of Vietnamese global leaders. Please visit our website for more detailed information:

Why companies should join CPI’s Vietnam - US Employment Connecting Program (CECP)?
  • Reach high caliber Vietnamese candidates at prestigious colleges in the US, who understand how to perform exceptionally in professional working environment. This pool of talent is also carefully and strategically selected by CPI’s Training Development team.
  • Have access to CPI cutting edge tech-based pre-screening events to find the right candidates: CPI will provide your company the opportunity to connect quickly with our talent pool through accessing to students’ resume, virtual job/ internship interviews, virtual career & culture-fit-orientation events, etc., without investing too much and too long in recruiting process. In addition, recruiting timeline will be recommended based on who your company is looking for. By joining that process, your team cannot only learn better about our student candidates and decide to hire them or not, but also promote your brand to a wider community of talented Vietnamese students in the US.
  • Receive content and brand marketing support package from CPI Marketing Team if necessary.
Who are in CPI Talent Pool and How we pick them?
  • Students in CPI talent pool come from many prestigious schools in US college ranking such as: Cornell University, New York University, Boston University, University of Michigan, etc. In addition to their proven academic backgrounds, they have excellent interpersonal and technical skills, which will be valuable assets to any company.
  • Highly selective recruiting process assures CPI students are among the brightest, the most hard-working and determined individuals, who always aim for mastering their capabilities to be winners with competitive advantages across many competitive industries, such as: Technology, Business (Accounting, Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Real Estate, Actuarial Science, Business Development, etc), Economics, Engineering and Arts, etc.
  • Through at least 50 hours of soft-skill training, career management coaching & industry-focused mentoring program, the students grow to the next level by meeting global professional working standards and certain levels of technical skills.
  • CPI use specially designed quality-control-system to monitor our student candidates’ growth throughout our training process. We make sure they are being tested constantly in real world challenges, being academically nurtured and encouraged to get a head of the game by developing competitive edges. The students who prove themselves well and pass CPI Final Career Test will be accepted into CPI Talent Pool and connect to potential employers.
  • Global companies where CPI students got internship and job offers in the past: Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Guggenheim Investments, Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Boeing Company, FMC Corporation, Nielsen, CIBC, Izar Capital Group,etc.
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