Steward Re-Certification Standards

Each year, Stewards maintain their Master Watershed Steward Certification by doing three simple things: 
1.  Provision of at least 40 hours of community service in the form of Watershed Action.
“Watershed Action” includes community outreach or restoration. Watershed Actions include a wide variety of things such as helping other Stewards with their projects, performing Residential Site Assessments, sharing information and resources on watershed restoration with neighbors, staffing a table at an environmental outreach  event, serving on an environmental action committee, and much more!

2.  Completion of at least 8 hours of Continuing Education 
“Continuing Education” includes attendance of the Annual Conference, formal lectures,  workshops, or classes by WSA or another reputable entity. 

 3.  Attendance of at least 3 Master Watershed Steward Networking Meetings.   
“Networking Meetings” include the WSA Annual Conference, WSA graduation, Candidates’ Capstone Presentation Night,  Meet the Consortium or other WSA-organized networking events, or any time five or more Stewards get together.


* 1. Your Name?

* 2. Your email address?

* 3. Do you understand the Recertification Standards listed above?

* 4. Reporting of your Steward Watershed Action is critical for WSA's success.  Please use the simple Steward Action form to report your Action, Continuing Education and Networking.  You can use this form as often as you like. It is best to make entries right after you finish an activity.  If you have forgotten what you have already entered, please contact Natalia for a report of your entries.   Access the Steward Action Form from the WSA website under Tools for Stewards.  The direct link is:

This form can be accessed using your smartphone for easy data entry.
Do you understand how to report your Steward Actions using the Steward Action Form at AAWSA.ORG?

* 5. To help you plan for your Watershed Action this year, please indicate areas of interest.  Check all that apply. 

* 6. For the Watershed Action catagories in question 5, please indicate additional resources/training/support that you need.    Example:  if you checked "Monitor existing BMP's",  you could write
"I need refresher training on what to look for"

* 7. Using your area(s) of interest in question 5, we will be forming Steward Action Groups.  The purpose of these groups is to connect Stewards  who are interested in  doing similar types of work.  It does not necessarily mean Stewards in the group are working together, but we hope they will be a community of support and learning for each other and a resource to the  rest of the Stewards.    We will be listing Steward Action Groups on the Steward Only page of the website to facilitate collaboration and connections between Stewards.   Do you want your name, email address and city listed on the Steward Only Page with your Action Group(s)? (Note:   this page is password protected and only accessible by Stewards, Consortium and Board Members.)