Tax reform is on the agenda in Washington!

Every family woodland owner pays taxes.  Large or small, actively harvesting timber or not, we want to understand how tax policy affects you.

The American Forest Foundation (home of the American Tree Farm System), is conducting a survey to determine which federal tax issues matter the most to family forest owners.  We will use the survey results to shape our advocacy efforts in Washington for the upcoming tax reform debate.    Mindful of your time, we have kept the survey as short as possible.  We would very much appreciate your taking a few minutes to fill it out and submit it to us. 

We recognize some of the content in this survey is technical. If you’re unsure of your answers, most of the questions can be answered by referring to your recent federal tax filing.

Individual responses will be kept confidential, we will aggregate responses in data we share with lawmakers.

Thank you,

Rita Hite
Executive Vice President, ATFS, Woodlands and Policy
American Forest Foundation