The Sherborn Open Space Committee and Sherborn Forest and Trail Association are sponsoring this survey and its related flyer for two purposes:
1)   To increase public awareness of our trail system and how it is managed
2)   To learn from you, the trail users, about your trail experiences, needs, and concerns

Your responses will be used by the Open Space Committee as it prepares to update Sherborn’s 2018 Open Space and Recreation Plan, and by trail managers to help inform their on-going land management decisions.
For background about the Sherborn trail system, please access the Townwide Sherborn trails flyer at the Sherborn Open Space Committee or Sherborn Forest and Trail Association websites, which is also being mailed to all Sherborn households.
If submitting this survey on paper by mail, please print this version (remember to print double-sided!) and send to Sherborn Open Space Committee, 19 Washington Street, Sherborn MA 01770, or deposit in the drop box at Town Hall.