* 1. Please enter your name, center, and contact information:

* 2. Are you planning on attending the MLK March on Saturday, January 14th?

* 3. How many youth from your center do you anticipate to attend the March?

* 4. If are driving to the march, will you have any extra space in your van for teens from a near by center? How many?

* 5. We understand that not centers are going to be able to provide transportation to this event. If you have teens that you are unable to provide transportation for, but still want to go then please check how many. We are trying to organize car pool for these teens.

* 6. Are there any adults at your center interested in volunteering for this event? Please enter name and contact information:

* 7. If you are not planning on attending, is there a van available at your site that we can reserve to transport youth from other sites?

* 8. Please checkout the video (coming soon) and agenda BEFORE going to the march with your teens on the teen website: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/teens/default.htm