WMNF is holding its 2nd Annual Peace Awards Saturday, August 7th at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts (formerly, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.) The Peace Awards recognizes those who have made great strides and efforts in the areas of peace, freedom for others, human rights, and those who foster peace and understanding through the media.

We want your voice and nominations as to who you think deserves a Peace Award. Eligible nominees must be persons or organizations in Florida. WMNF Staff or WMNF programs are not eligible. Last year's winners are also ineligible. However, individuals and organizations outside of the station, as well as individual WMNF programmers and volunteers may be nominated. Last year's nominees who did not win are also listed below and may be nominated again.

WMNF has also moved last year's nominees who represent an organization to the Peace and Humanity Category. You may nominate organizations you believe fit in that category, or renominate last year's organizations. If you have any questions, please contact Station Manager Jim Bennett at 813-238-8001, ext. 126 or jimb@wmnf.org. Thanks for your participation!

* 1. WMNF last year nominated the following in the Peace and Freedom Category. The winner was Becky Steele, former Regional Executive Director, ACLU.

This category recognizes those who have taken extraordinary measures for peace and freedom.

Faith Fippinger - She has been a human shield in Iraq and continues to struggle for the freedom of others in South America.

Kelly Benjamin - He is an independent journalist and activist - who was shot by the police with a rubber-coated steel bullet during a protest against the FTAA in Miami in 2008 and arrested protesting the RNC in St. Paul in 2008.

Please limit your choices to five nominees in the box below. You may choose to nominate Faith Fippinger and Kelly Benjamin, or five other individuals of your choice.

* 2. WMNF last year nominated the following in the Peace and Justice Category. The winner was the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Lucas Benitez.

This category recognizes those who have taken extraordinary steps in the area of human rights.

Rev. Warren Clark - Former Pastor at First United Church in Temple Terrace, he is now with a group called FUSE, Faiths United for Sustainable Energy.

Linda Moreno - She was an attorney for Dr. Sami al-Arian, a defender of Constitutional rights, and a defense attorney in some of the other most well-known cases of those accused of terrorism.

Melva Underbakke - She has traveled the globe to talk to church groups and other small groups about Dr. Al-Arian’s case.

Rev. Bruce Wright - Working directly from the street, he empowers people who are homeless to take control of their own situations.

Please limit your nominees to five choices in the box below. You may choose to nominate Rev. Warren Clark, Linda Moreno, Melva Underbakke, and Rev. Bruce Wright, or five other individuals of your choice.

* 3. WMNF last year nominated the following in the Peace, Love and Understanding Category. WMNF True Talk Hosts Ahmed Bedier and Sammar Jarrah, Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman and Author Connie May Fowler won in a three-way tie. Therefore, none of them is eligible to be nominated again.

This category recognizes those who foster understanding and dialog and promote peace through the media. Please nominate five individuals or organizations in Florida that you believe deserve this award.

* 4. WMNF last year nominated the following in the Peace and Humanity Category. The winner was Linda A. Osmundson, Executive Director of CASA. This year, we are limiting this category to organizations in Florida that promote peace.

Equality Florida (Nadine Smith, 2009 Nominee) - Equality Florida is continuously struggling for equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Freedom Playground Foundation (Stefani Busansky, 2009 Nominee) - Through community organizing, lobbying and fundraising the Freedom Playground Foundation raised money and awareness for an accessible playground where children of all abilities and disabilities could play side by side.

Little Red Wagon Foundation (Zach Bonner, 2009 Nominee) - The Little Red Wagon Foundation, the creation of sixth-grader Zach Bonner, raises funds and awareness about street kids in the USA, and provides them with backpacks filled with food and supplies.

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (Anna Rodriguez, 2009 nominee) - The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking works to improve and provide outreach and services to victims of human trafficking throughout the state.

The Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions (2009 Nominee) - The Patel Center supports distinguished research and educational programs that promote sustainable, healthy communities in a globalizing world.

ProNica (Davida Johns, 2009 Nominee) - With offices in St. Petersburg, Florida and Managua, Nicaragua, ProNica raises and supplies funds, equipment and information to established community organizations in Nicaragua.

You may choose to nominate Equality Florida, Freedom Playground Foundation, Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Little Red Wagon Foundation, The Dr. Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions, ProNica or five other organizations of your choice.

* 5. You may leave your name and contact information below. Thank you for participating in the Peace Awards nomination process!