* 1. Do you review Bethesda Conference recommendations when making decisions about sports participation in patients with cardiac abnormalities?

* 2. Do you follow Bethesda Conference recommendations?

* 3.  If you deviate from the Bethesda recommendations, is it usually because

* 4. Do you feel that published sports participation guidelines are generally

* 5. For a 16-year-old junior male high school basketball player with a newly diagnosed, normally functioning bicuspid aortic valve, no family history, and evidence of aortopathy, would you restrict him from continuing competitive basketball for an ascending aortic z score

* 6.  If you restrict an athlete with a newly diagnosed cardiac condition from sports, do you routinely offer psychology support?

* 7. As a teenager, how important was competitive sports participation to you?

* 8. Based on previous sports participation, would you describe yourself as

* 9. Do you think your level of previous sports participation influences your decision making when it comes to eligibility and disqualification recommendations for competitive athletes?