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* 1. Do you prefer products packaged in

* 2. How important is the product packaging?

* 3. What attracts you first to a product?

* 4. How important is it for a company to offer discounts?

* 5. Do you mind products that leave a visible residue in your tub?

* 6. Do you prefer products colored with

* 7. Do you prefer products scented with

* 8. Which do you prefer?

* 9. What makes you a repeat customer?

* 10. Do you prefer products that are packaged with a scoop, applicator or in a container that eliminates introducing your fingers to the product.

* 11. Does free or discounted shipping encourage you to make a purchase?

* 12. Do you have additional comments? We love all feedback - good, bad or indifferent.

Thank you for your time!