* 1. What are the most important challenges facing you as an early childhood/kindergarten teacher?

* 2. What is the most important thing that can be done to improve kindergarten readiness?

* 3. Please rank the importance of each in regards to kindergarten readiness.

  Not important Not very important Moderately important Important Extremely important
Speaks clearly
Can express and describe feelings
Understand and follows directions
Shows an interest in reading
Uses imagination
Identifies upper and lower case letters
Identifies the sounds each letter makes
Writes a few letters without tracing
Uses scribbles to write words or ideas
Throwing and catching 
Active with good balance
Grasp crayon and pencil correctly
Good scissor skills
Completes a pattern
Counting to 20
Sorts by color, shape, and size
Demonstrates understanding of directional concepts (up/down, right/left, over/under)
Identifying 10 colors
Draws lines and shapes
Participating in group music
Engages in pretend play
Knows first and last name, address, phone number
Knows names of parents
Plays well with others, takes turns and shares
Shows empathy and the feelings of others
Cleans up after playing
Shows eagerness to learn
Persistent in tasks and seeks help with problems
Follows proper bathroom procedures
Able to dress self at school
Follows rules and routines
Expresses self with words, rather than acting out physically

* 4. What is your role?

* 5. What area do you service?