Bridgewater United Coach Evaluation

When answering the survey, please rate on only the past calendar year.  Group data will be relayed to the coaches confidentially, as will any recommendations and comments.  

* 1. Name of Coach:

* 2. The coach demonstrated ample knowledge of the game.

* 3. The coach ran organized practice sessions.

* 4. The coach communicated well with the parents.

* 5. The coach's expectations of my child were clearly communicated.

* 6. During games, the coach acted in a professional manner.

* 7. The coach provided adequate constructive feedback to my child.

* 8. I believe that the coach treated all players equally and fairly.

* 9. I would like my child to play for this coach again.

* 10. Please offer any suggestions that would enhance the coaching of the team.  Please list any strengths or weaknesses of the coach.