Season 2016: Transfigured Night

* 1. The Australia Ensemble concert I attended was:

* 2. I found out about the performance by:

* 3. I chose to attend this performance because:

* 4. I read the concert program:

* 5.

I would rate the quality of the following aspects of my experience as:

  1. Unsatisfactory 2. Not good 3. Reasonable 4. Good 5. Excellent
The performance
The choice of works
The printed concert program
The venue
Interaction with staff
Value for money
Concert experience

* 6. My Australia Ensemble (select as many as apply):

* 7. The number of people in my concert party attending the performance, including myself, was:

* 8. My age group:

* 9. My postcode:

Thank you for providing feedback regarding your concert experience of the Australia Ensemble @UNSW. It is greatly appreciated by staff of the Music Performance Unit, UNSW.