CHEER is conducting a survey to evaluate our newsletter, the CHEERLeader. The results of this survey will be used to improve future publications. If you have read the CHEERLeader, please complete the following survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

* 1. What is your age?

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* 5. Highest level of education

* 6. What is your occupation?

* 7. How many CHEERLeader newsletters have you read?

* 8. How much of the CHEERLeader do you usually read?

* 9. How informative did or would you find the following articles?

  Not Informative Somewhat Informative Neutral Informative Very Informative
Greetings from the Executive Director ( Providing a small summary of CHEER emphasis areas and activities)
GIS (Geographic Information System) Map ( Maps showing whether neighborhoods lack grocery stores or how likely people living in your zip code have some specific diseases)
Health Care Reform: What’s In It for Me? ( Summary of the most important aspects of the newly passed health care legislation)
CHEER and Partner Updates ( Updates about activities relating to CHEER and other collaborates such as seminars ,health fairs and open house)
Screenings Help Educate, Improve Health ( Summary of health challenges screened and identified at Brown Missionary Baptist Church and Bloomfield Full Gospel Church health fairs)
A Cry for Affordable, Fresh Foods ( The availability of high quality food in low-income neighborhoods)
Building Partnerships to Improve the Health of the Community ( Summary of CHEER efforts to improve health by building partnerships with Memphis residents and community organizations)
CHEER Conference Summary ( CHEER conference "Empowering Communities to Create a Healthy Village")

* 10. How would you rate the overall quality of the information in the newsletter?

* 11. The newsletter is easy to understand.

* 12. How did you obtain a copy of the newsletter?

* 13. What additional topics would you like us to cover ?

* 14. How could we make the CHEERLeader more useful to you?