Informed Consent

Statement of Informed Consent

A. PURPOSE AND BACKGROUND Researchers at Palo Alto University are running a study. We hope to learn about what it is like to have a pet go missing. The research team is made up of Wendy Packman, JD, PhD, and Ashley Brumett, M.S. It is hoped that the information they learn will help provide more complete care for grieving people and families. You are being asked to participate in this study because you have had a pet go missing. You may take this survey if you are 18 years or older, live in the United States, and are English-speaking.

B. PROCEDURES If you agree to be in the study, you will complete 8 questionnaires about your experience of having a beloved pet go missing, your beliefs about the event, and how you have coped with the event. It should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete these questionnaires.


1. Answering questions about your missing pet may be disturbing to you and/or bring up upsetting memories. After you agree to take the survey, all questions are optional. You may skip any question you do not want to answer. You have the right to decline to participate or to stop taking the survey at any time.

2. Confidentiality: We will take steps to protect the information you give us. You WILL NOT be asked to reveal any type of personally identifying information, such as your name or email address. We will not store your computer's IP address. Only the study team will have access to your responses. The survey does include "open-ended" questions - we ask that you do not share anything that could identify you when answering these questions. We might quote your response to these questions in reports or publications, but we will not include any information that might identify you or anyone else in this study.

D. BENEFITS There will be no direct benefit to you from participating in this study. However, the information that you provide may help professionals better understand persons’ experiences surrounding the experience of having a pet go missing.

E. PAYMENT You will not be paid for participating in this study.

F. QUESTIONS If you have further questions, you may contact Dr. Packman at 650-433-3855, or you may email Dr. Packman and her research assistants at

Questions about your rights as a participant in this study may be presented to the IRB Chair, Palo Alto University, 1791 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304 at 650-433-3870

G. REFERRAL SOURCES Referral sources will be presented after the survey, or you may view them by going to

 Center for Lost Pets

 Advice for Missing Pets

 Pet FBI non-profit database

These sources are for missing pets. However, if the death of your pet has been confirmed, please consider taking a survey the death of a pet here.

H. CONSENT You may print copies of this consent form to keep.

PARTICIPATION IN THIS RESEARCH IS VOLUNTARY. You are free to decline to be in this study, or to withdraw from it at any point.

You are making a decision of whether to participate in this research. If you agree to be in this study,
you are NOT waiving any of your legal rights as a research participant. At any time during the survey, click on the previous button to return to this page.

In order to fill out the survey, you must confirm that you are 18 years old or older. Otherwise, you will be directed away from this site. If you are 18 years old or over and agree to participate, please press the "Yes/agree" button below. Otherwise, press the "No/disagree" button and you will be directed away from this site.

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