Tell us about yourself

After completing this online application, you will need to submit your CV and 2 letters of recommendation. There will also be a mandatory in-person group interview in Manhattan as stated on the website. Do not apply if you cannot attend.

* 1. For which position(s) are you applying? Check all that apply. Only chaperons who attend the training can serve as alternate counselors.

* 2. First and last name?

* 3. Demographics

* 4. Describe your experiences with special education kids (e.g., ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, etc...) in a group setting (camp, school, clinic, after school, etc...)? Please be specific and include info about work you've done in the domains of social skills training, token economy, behavior modification, arts and crafts, academic tutoring, etc...Include any diagnoses, ages, etc...

* 5. Why do you want to work at BADP?

* 6. If you were hired, how many minutes would it take for you to travel from your summer home to the program location at Columbus Ave/100th St in Manhattan?

* 7. Please describe your educational history: Name, dates of attendance, major

* 8. Any special and relevant skills to the position? such as CPR, AED, sports coach, life guarding, ABA, first aid, etc...

* 9. Most recent and relevant employer (1):

* 10. Most recent and relevant employer (2):

* 11. List 2 persons NOT related to you who can judge your qualifications for this position. Give name, organization, email, telephone, and years known.

* 12. How did you hear about BADP or by whom were you referred?