Altitude:  Take The Climb

As eighth graders, you are all participating in the Altitude Program. We are happy to have you “take the climb!”

Before the year of programming kicks off, the Altitude staff has asked you fill out this survey, about who you are as a person – your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, openly and honestly.

This survey is confidential; meaning your parents and teachers will not know how you respond. Your participation is very important; however, it is voluntary. Your answers will help us get to know the needs of your class, and evaluate how well we do with the Altitude Program this year.

You will be asked to take this survey again at the end of your 8th grade year. For that reason, we have provided you an Altitude Number, special to you, to enter on this survey before you begin. This will help us track the growth of this eighth grade class, while allowing you to remain anonymous.