Minneapolis's municipal election is this November 7th, and the mayor and the entire city council are on the ballot. Kingfield Neighborhood Association is working the Bryant, Lyndale, and Central neighborhood organizations to identify the most important issues facing our communities. This fall we will host a candidate forum, where we ask candidates to talk about these issues.

* What do you think is the most important issue for our community in the upcoming city election?

Please choose an issue from the list below. If the issue you think is most important isn't listed below, please write it in at the bottom.

* What should candidates know about this issue? What do you want to hear from candidates about this issue?

Please write any thoughts you have about this issue in the space below. Your comments will help us as we write questions for the candidate forum.

* Will you vote on November 7th?

* Do you live in Kingfield, or in a different neighborhood? (Not sure? See this map.)

* Turnout in municipal elections is often low. This year, KFNA is working with three other neighborhood organizations to get more people to the polls, and we need volunteers to help.

If you’d like to help out, please fill out your contact information below or email sarah@kingfield.org.

Thanks for completing the survey! If you have any questions, please email sarah@kingfield.org.