* 1. When and where did you go on your EMU cross-cultural?

* 2. Help EMU compile a list of the greatest reasons to go on a cross-cultural by telling us about your top three best highlights!
Did it change your life? Teach you a new language? Help you form new friendships? Was it the easiest 'A' you ever got in college, and more fun than any class on campus? Is there a food you'll never eat again, or one you'd eat every day if you could? Did you have any disasters that, in retrospect, now that you're recovered, serve as good stories or learning experiences?
So, tell us why you'd recommend EMU's cross-cultural programs! Be serious, be lighthearted, be both! We'll be picking some of our favorites for use in an article to promote EMU cross-culturals.

* 3. When in your academic career did you go on cross-cultural?

* 4. What year did/will you graduate from EMU?

* 5. What was/is your major?

* 6. A few personal details...