Business Capability Assessment

BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION is a term which is becoming very familiar today when discussing how businesses across different sectors and of different backgrounds and sizes, are seeking to re-invent themselves for a return to sustainable growth. In many cases surviving an economic downturn requires certain types of business qualities, capabilities and resources but a completely different focus may now required to drive the business forward and to achieve the next phase of growth. 

Eirtech has a strong background in business transformation and our strategy can be summed up by a simple approach which is to focus in parallel on each of the four quadrants outlined in the image below. Each quadrant has a specific growth theme i.e. MAXIMIZE, BREAK-IN, BREAK-OUT and DIVERGE and the combination of these themes will ensure a good balanced approach to driving the business growth for today as well as with an emphasis on the future.

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The assessment will take approximately 15-20 mins to complete. It is structured in the form of a series of statements about your business which you are then asked to Agree or Disagree with as appropriate. Please answer as honestly and openly as possible.  Once completed we will then assess the results using our automated analysis tool and contact you with some observations and feedback which we can discuss.  All information entered will be held in the strictest confidence but if requested, as part of our results analysis, we can provide a customised illustration of where your company sits relative to the average assessment scoring of other companies in your sector and size range using exactly the same set of business statements. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this self-assessment.