Please watch the UT Libraries online tour before taking this quiz. Feel free to watch the video again if you need to refresh your memory: URL here.

* 1. The library’s website has many online collections and search engines that will help you find books and articles for your research assignments.

* 2. The Commons in Hodges Library has multimedia production software and recording equipment available for students to use.

* 3. In order to check out a book, what do you need?

* 4. What technology is available in the library? (Check all that apply.)

* 5. Some, but not all, of the floors in Hodges Library are designated as quite study areas.

* 6. Materials reserved for use in specific courses, called course reserves, are available at which help desk?

* 7. How can you get help from the library? (Check all that apply.)

* 8. The Commons in Hodges Library includes which of the following help desks? (Check all that apply.)

* 9. The only things the library offers are books and study space.

* 10. Any UT student can visit and use the collections at the DeVine Music Library and the Pendergrass Library on the Agriculture campus.

IMPORTANT: Hitting the "done" button does NOT send your responses to your instructor! Please print out a copy of your responses to hand-in to your instructor.