Hartwick Student Housing Survey

Hartwick students involved with an exhibit on the history of student housing at Hartwick in the Yager Museum, which will open in September, 2010, invite you to answer the following eighteen brief questions about life at Hartwick. This survey is anonymous, and the data collected will be used to draw a more complete picture of student life at Hartwick over the years. We will be sharing the results in aggregate form as part of the exhibit.
Thank you for your participation!

* 1. What year did you/will you graduate from Hartwick?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. What residence hall did you enjoy living in the most while you were at Hartwick and how long did you live there?

* 4. How did you spend your free time in your residence hall?

* 5. What was one thing you couldn't live without in your dorm room?

* 6. What music did you listen to in your dorm room?

* 7. What media did you use to listen to music (records, cassettes, CDs, Mp3s, etc.)?

* 8. What was some of the most popular music of the time?

* 9. Did you go hear live music? If so, how often and where?

* 10. Did you have a radio or a TV/cable in your room? If so, what were your favorite programs?

* 11. Did you have a telephone in your dorm room? If so, how often did you use it?

* 12. When you were at Hartwick what was your favorite food from the Dining Hall?

* 13. What was your least favorite food from the Dining Hall?

* 14. What was available in the vending machines in the dormitories?

* 15. If you didn't eat in the dining hall, did you cook in the dorms? If so, what did you cook?

* 16. How often did you cook in the dorm?

* 17. What kind of cooking appliances did you have in your room?

* 18. How did your housing situation contribute to your learning at Hartwick?