* 1. What is your relationship to Stonington?

* 2. Do you own or rent a residence in Stonington?

* 3. What is your age group?

* 4. In the next ten years, the amount of time you spend in Stonington will likely:

* 5. How do you make a living?

* 6. Please rank the importance of various aspects of life in Stonington

  Most important Somewhat important Unimportant
Natural beauty of the island
Good school
Low foot and car traffic
Minimal commercial development
Access to shoreline
Good place to retire
Good place to raise a family
Sense of community
Ability to work from home
Full cell phone service coverage
Access to affordable housing
Fast and reliable internet access
Historical architecture
Tourism in the summer
Access to nature preserves
Marine infrastructure
Employment initiatives

* 7. Given Stonington's current population of around 1,050, what year round population would you like to see in the year 2030?

* 8. What would you like to see out of each of the following:

  More Same Less None
Year round population
Seasonal population
Coastal development
Nature preserves

* 9. What type of new businesses, if any, would you like to see in Stonington?

* 10. What do you want to see out of Stonington's tourism industry?

* 11. Over the next ten years, do you expect Stonington's lobster landings to:

* 12. If lobster landings decline significantly, will other types of fishing be a viable alternative to earn money on the water?

* 13. Should the Town be more strict in regulating development along its coastline?

* 14. Stonington is losing year-round population and school population.  What do you think can be done to stabilize or increase the year-round population?

* 15. Please rate each of the following services provided by or available in the Town of Stonington:

  Good Adequate Needs improvement
Building code enforcement
Solid waste disposal
Docking facilities
Boat ramp facilities
Harbor management
Public shore access
Employment opportunities
Affordable housing
Town drinking water and sewage disposal
Utility services
Road maintenance
Town office services
Fire protection
Emergency medical services
General medical services
Law enforcement
Animal control
Snow plowing/sanding
Recreational facilities (parks, trails, playgrounds)

* 16. What financial avenue should Stonington pursue to address the following issues:

  User Financed Town Financed Combination of Town and user financed Not an issue None of the above
Improvements to the Fish Pier
Expansion of cell phone service to Downtown Stonington
Improvement to internet speeds, reliability, and coverage
Creation of affordable housing
Breakwaters or shoreline protection to mitigate against rising sea levels