Coordinated Public Transit- Human Services Transportation Plan community Survey

Palouse RTPO and Regional Public Transit agencies are conducting a survey to learn about the transportation needs of our community members. Your answers will help to inform the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation 2018 Plan. With your help, SE Washington will further develop a connected and accessible public transportation network that serves community members of all ages. 

Palouse RTPO works within Asotin, Columbia, Garfield and Whitman counties, local agencies, ports, and transit agencies to ensure local and regional consistency in Transportation planning and statewide WSDOT planning. 

Thank you for your input!

* 1. How do you usually get where you need to go within the community for work, shopping, errands, or medical appointments? Please check only one.

* 2. Do you currently use any of the following forms of public transportation on a weekly basis? Please check all that apply.

* 3. Were you aware that the public transportation services listed above are available for you within the SE Washington Region?

* 4. Describe your most recent route description, origin-destination: (type NA, if not applicable)

* 5. On average, how many trips do you take per week using public transportation?

* 7. If you DO use public transportation, what are your primary reasons? (check all that apply):

* 8. What was the purpose of your latest bus ride? (check all that applies)

* 9. Which of the following potential improvements would you recommend for your most recent transit trip? (check all that applies)

* 10. If you DO NOT use public transportation currently, what transit improvements would make you choose to use public transit? (check all that applies):

* 11. Would you use public transportation if the transit improvements you checked above were to be put into effect?

* 12. Do you think there is a need for additional or improved public transportation in your City, Town and County Area?

* 13. If you checked “Yes” above, please indicate what improvements are needed:

* 14. During the past year, were there any places within Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, or Whitman counties that you could not travel due to lack of public transportation services? If yes, in which cities/towns? Please write N.A. if this does not apply to you.

* 15. Do you have internet access?

* 16. What types of social media do you use? Check all that apply.

* 17. Are you affiliated with any of the following area Colleges/Universities/Government Agencies? Please check all that apply:

* 18. How would you classify yourself? (Please select all that apply.)

* 19. What is the primary language spoken in your household?

* 20. Are you:

* 21. Do you have Driver's license?

* 22. Do you have access to a vehicle?

* 23. Please indicate your age group.

* 24. Which of the following best describes your current employment status? You may check more than one.

* 25. What is your annual household income level? Please check only one

* 26. Please provide any comments that may not have been covered in this survey concerning public transportation in your City, Town, County, and surrounding area such as missing coverage, if any: