On behalf of the partners, thank you for taking part in this quick survey (it should take only a few minutes). Your answers will be mighty helpful for helping us create an international day of action to prevent overdiagnosis!
-- Ruth, Alan, Ajay, Teppo et al On behalf of the TMM Day planning committee and partners

* 1. How could you see yourself or your organization being part of Too Much Medicine Day 2018?

* 2. What kind of thing would you ask your network (members) to ‘do’ in terms of an action?

* 3. As part of our social media strategy, how would you want to participate? Or what ideas do you have for engaging people into the movement?

* 4. What Preventing Overdiagnosis theme(s) are a priority for you or you think we should address collectively?

* 5. Do you have other ideas on how we can create and sustain a movement on preventing overdiagnosis? And/or do you have other organizations or groups we should connect to?  Please share your thoughts below!

* 6. How would you like to be involved? (e.g., sharing ideas or materials, subscribing to our newsletter, inviting other partners etc)

* 7. What email address could we contact you at a) if we'd like to follow up, b) if you've indicated that you're interested in helping out, and/or c) subscribe to our newsletter, which announces news, resources and events as well as upcoming learning opportunities around preventing overdiagnosis?

* 8. Background