Bolton Hill Security Lighting Survey

Dear Bolton Hill neighbor,

The Mount Royal Improvement Association, (MRIA) Safety Committee needs your help.

In an effort to make our neighborhood safer we are conducting a survey to assess the outdoor lighting situation. Your input is important regarding this topic and is very much appreciated.

What we would like you to do is to rate your block with respect to the quality of lighting using the following formula from 1 to 5: Number 5 indicates your block is very well lit, and number 1 means it is very poorly lit; any number in between shows a degree of which way you feel.

If you chose 1 or 2 (very poorly lit) please elaborate what you think is the reason.

* 1. Street or Block I am rating:

* 2. The Lighting on My Block is...

* 3. Reason for Poor Lighting (check all applicable)

* 4. How long have you been a resident of Bolton Hill?