NCTRC Certification Process Post Test

* 1. Please Fill Out the Following:

To receive a CEU Verification Letter:

- You must have viewed the webinar for at least 45 minutes
- Provided the Start Code for the webinar,
- Provided the End Code for the webinar
- Correctly answered 3/5 post test questions about the webinar

* 2. Please provide Start Code for webinar

* 3. Please provide End Code for webinar

* 4. The NCTRC internship requirement is a minimum of:

* 5. Required Therapeutic Recreation coursework is identified as having:

* 6. For the Equivalency Path B application process an applicant must have at minimum:

* 7. Prior to supervising interns, the agency internship supervisor must be:

* 8. The maximum number of hours a student intern may complete in a week is:

Thank you for completing the CTRA Post Test.