For the purpose of our survey, the Mountain View Community encompasses the entire geographical area (mauka/makai)off of Highway 11 (Hawaii Belt Road), starting at Kukui Camp Road to North and South Glenwood Road.

Our community is growing faster than any other in the State and it is important that we express our opinions regarding how it should develop and move forward. Please share with us your vision for the future of Mountain View.

1a. I live in ___________________________________________ (subdivision or neighborhood)

1b. I am

2. I have lived in Hawaii County for:

3. Choose the age category that best describes you:


4. Has this community changed for the better over the past several years?

5. What types of businesses would you like to see in our community? (retail, commercial, services, light industrial, agricultural)

6. What are the top issues in the Mountain View Community today?
Choose the top three issues that concern you: