PATH is undergoing an in-depth landscape analysis of the barriers, challenges, and needs surrounding availability of and access to essential maternal health supplies. PATH recognizes the challenges to the delivery of quality MH services and reduction in maternal mortality and morbidity are myriad and complex. The intent of this landscaping is to inform recent efforts by the broader maternal and reproductive health communities to advance maternal health supplies advocacy by building upon the lessons learned and structures created by the reproductive health supplies movement. Their specific focus on overcoming the financial, logistical, and policy-related barriers to ensuring contraceptive supplies has helped to mobilize global support for and increase access to family planning overall.

As a first step, PATH is surveying key stakeholders regarding their maternal health supplies interests and expertise, activities, and resources. Your opinions and views are very important to this process. Please complete the survey below by Friday, December 16, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact Kristy Kade, Family Health Advocacy Officer at or 202.540.4403. Thank you.

* 1. Respondent information

* 2. While the supplies necessary to deliver quality maternal health care are numerous and varied, please list the top three to five essential supplies you would prioritize for targeted advocacy efforts and briefly explain why.

* 3. Please describe any programmatic and/or advocacy activities your organization is currently undertaking relative to expanding availability of and access to maternal health supplies. Please note if this is specific to a country, at the global level, or at another level and provide links to any more detailed information that may be available.

* 4. What landscaping, mapping, and background resources have you compiled and/or are aware of related to financing for, availability of, and access to maternal health supplies? Please provide link (if available) and note if it’s related to a specific country, commodity, or supply chain issue.

* 5. Please describe any key successes you have had and/or are aware of in working with governments or international organizations to formulate guidelines/policies, funding, systems, and training to support maternal health supplies or other supply chain/health commodity areas that might be informative to the advocacy work being undertaken by the community.

* 6. Please describe the major barriers and challenges you have experienced to-date, or are aware of, ensuring access to maternal health supplies. Please provide illustrative examples as available. Are there specific challenges or barriers that are either more significant or cut across supplies for which a specific advocacy emphasis would be important?

* 7. Who are your primary partners for maternal health supplies programmatic or advocacy work? Please note organization and individual contact, if available.

* 8. In addition to your primary partners, do you have suggestions for other key stakeholders or organizations that might be interested in joining efforts to generate support for maternal health supplies at the local, national, or global level? Please note organization and individual contact as appropriate.

* 9. Please indicate either your interest or your organization’s interest in engaging in additional maternal health supplies landscaping or advocacy activities in the future (select as many as applicable).