Thanks to a partnership with the Cabelas Outdoor Fund (COF) and the MidwayUSA Foundation, the Student Air Rifle Program (SAR), is excited to announce there are (20) full equipment grants available. These grants must be used towards the purchase of an entire SAR equipment kit and must be accompanied by implementation of the SAR curriculum.

Please fill out the grant application below to be considered. Grant recipients will be required to fill out an MOU. Grants will be awarded based on a first come, first served basis. 

* 1. Please select the statement below that best describes your interest in participating in the Student Air Rifle Program (SAR).

* 2. Please select the category that best describes the grades you teach.

* 3. Please select the statement below that best reflects support from your school administration regarding the Student Air Rifle Program (SAR)

* 4. Teachers will be required to attend a one day, 8 hour Basic Air Riflery Instructor (BARI) training. The tentative schedule for the BARI training is 8 am - 5 pm. Training dates and locations will be offered throughout the state in an effort to provide convenience as much as possible. Please select which statement below best reflects your interest in traveling for the Basic Air Riflery Instructor Training (BARI). In addition, select your preference for weekday or weekend training.

* 5. Is your school interested in hosting a Basic Air Riflery Instructor (BARI) training? This would require uninterrupted gym availability from 7 am - 7 pm on the day of the training. Select all statements that accurately reflect your position regarding your school hosting the BARI training. Training dates will be coordinated at a later date.

* 6. Please select how many entire class periods you could devote to air rifle instruction. Note: The air rifle unit must be taught during the school day.

* 7. Approximately how many students would likely be participating in the air rifle unit/program in your school annually?

* 8. Please indicate your school name and your contact information (teacher name, phone number, email, and school address) information in the text box below.

* 9. The entire SAR equipment kit costs approximately $3,000.00. If approved for the grant, your school would be given an entire equipment kit, however, your school would be responsible for annual maintenance and consumable items such as pellets, targets, and replacing worn out air rifles and other equipment as it ages. Please select the most accurate statement below.

* 10. Thank you for applying for this grant. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?