MISSION:  SAGE Olympia promotes advocacy and education around GLBT aging issues and provides services and social events for GLBT older adults in the Greater Olympia area.

Thank you for participating in this community engagement survey of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered seniors in the Olympia area of Southwest Washington State. We want your ideas on:

●       Website improvements
●       Level of involvement

This survey is intended for GLBT people who are 50 and older. Please be assured that all responses are anonymous; your email address, if shared with us, will remain confidential. 

To request or submit a paper version of this survey, please contact us:

SAGE Olympia
PO Box 7221
Olympia, WA 98507-7221
Ellen Wendt, ellen@sageolympia.org

The SAGE of Olympia website (www.sageolympia.org) will be revised in the near future. In order for the new website to be meaningful and provide the support that you want/need within your community, we are asking for your input. You may want to access www.sageusa.org to see what the national organization has to offer, as a way to think about what you would like to see offered locally.

1. Have you visited our website at www.sageolympia.org?

2. How would you rate the SAGE website, with 5 being the highest:

3. Which of the current web pages are most useful to you?

4. Tell us what local non-profit websites you like.....

5. What is it that you like about these particular websites? (Check all that apply):

6. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:  Currently the SAGE of Olympia website lists the dates of Pints and Pool, SAGE Koffee Klatch and the monthly Board meetings.  It is our intention to consolidate and offer information from such sources as Triangles Newsletter and Meet-up.  What types of activities of interest to older individuals would you like to see offered?

7. HOUSING INFORMATION:  What types of information would you like to see on the topic of housing?

8. RESOURCE INFORMATION:  Aging can significantly limit access to services, to friends, to regular everyday activities such as grocery shopping.  What information could we offer you on our website that could possibly assist you with maintaining/improving your access to transportation services?

9. ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE:  As we age, there are many factors that can significantly impact finding timely and competent local healthcare services, such as poverty, the fear of discrimination and the decrease in mobility.  If you have had difficulties in procuring needed healthcare locally, what would have made the situation better for you?

10. OTHER WEBSITE INFORMATION?:  What other local issues, events, news, etc. do you feel should be presented on the SAGE Olympia website?


SAGE Olympia is a community-based non-profit organization run by volunteers.  Given our mission stated above, please answer the following questions regarding your level of involvement in our organization.

11. AREAS OF INTEREST:  In order to be a viable and meaningful organization within the community, SAGE Olympia needs your involvement.  Ways that you may consider participating: as a member of the Board of Directors, as a member of the SAGE Advisory Board or as a member of a committee.  Current SAGE committees - please check those committees that interest you:

12. LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT: How likely are you to become involved in SAGE Olympia?

13. FACEBOOK:  Do you visit the SAGE Olympia Facebook page?  If yes, what sorts of Facebook posts do you enjoy (check all that apply):

14. What other forms of social media do you use? Check all that apply:

15. LEVEL OF EMAIL CONTACT: May SAGE of Olympia contact you via email about the following issues?
  • SAGE Olympia and SAGE USA information
  • Other LGBTQ community events
  • General issues of aging
  • Future surveys


SAGE Olympia wants to know who we are currently reaching through our social activities, our website and our Facebook page.  Please tell us about yourself:

16. SEXUAL ORIENTATION: What is your sexual orientation?

17. GENDER IDENTITY:  What is your gender identity?

18. AGE:  What age are you?

19. RESIDENCE: What community do you live in?

20. Are you interested in participating in SAGE Olympia at any level. If yes or maybe please provide us with your email address.

For more information about this survey email ellen@sageolympia.org
Your participation in the survey is truly appreciated.  SAGE can only provide meaningful information, effective services and advocacy with input from you.  Thank you. 

Warm regards,

SAGE of Olympia

21. Address