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In the year 2015 two ISO standards were revised. ISO 9001:2015, released on October 1, and ISO 14001:2015, released on September 15. The changes of these standards effect organisations that use them for their quality management and environmental management respectively, but also the customers of these organisations and professionals, like auditors. These changes also effect the reference to other management approaches like the EFQM Excellence Model.

It is interesting to investigate how the revised standards relate to the EFQM Excellence Model. ISO 9001 and the EFQM Excellence Model are different approaches for different purposes. ISO contributes to consistent delivery of products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction. The EFQM Excellence Model supports organisations on their journey to excellence, taking into account all their stakeholders.

In practice a lot of organisations combine the two approaches. The changes in the revised ISO 9001 make it even more attractive to do so. The combination of ISO 9001 and the EFQM Excellence Model will be able to reinforce a future oriented (quality)management approach, focused on continuous improvement, risk management and innovation.

This booklet focuses on the question how ISO 9001:2015 and the EFQM Excellence Model relate, what purposes they serve, the main principles they are based upon, their contents, their differences and similarities and how the EFQM Excellence Model and ISO 9001:2015 can complement each other.

Ruud Stassen, President of INK
NEN, the Dutch Standardisation Institute

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