1. Executive Customer Support

Top-notch customer support is a cornerstone of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. We're looking for a Customer Support Rep to handle all customer inquiries and questions, become knowledgeable about all product content and help with retention projects. This role will have heavy phone contact with our customers.

* 1. We sell to customers worldwide and handle many different issues on a daily basis. What would you do if a customer calls you irate in regards to a billing issue, what is your first step to get this resolved?

* 2. A significant part of this job is speaking with customers and resolving their issues. In your last customer service role how many phone calls on average did you handle each day?

* 3. We have staff around the country and your teammate may be 1000 miles away. Have you ever worked virtually? What was the experience like?

* 4. Our team is busy with projects as well as customer service tasks. How familiar are you with Excel and creating spreadsheets? How would you rate yourself as a user?

* 5. What is your desired compensation?

* 6. Full Name

* 7. Email Address

* 8. Link to your LinkedIn profile

* 9. Email your resume to careers@Iwillteachyoutoberich.com