Every winter the NHS has to cope with extra pressures - from more bugs like norovirus or flu making us ill, to even bad weather leading to accidents.

This winter, we'd like you to help us tell the story of A&E departments and the NHS with your own personal experiences.

We'd like you to answer the few questions below. This isn't a survey - despite the name - or scientific in any way, but your responses will help us to understand your story.

We won't pass on any information you provide or use it without contacting you first.

Any information you give is being collected through SurveyMonkey on behalf of the BBC and in accordance with SurveyMonkey’s privacy policy.

You can also contact us directly by email: nhswinter@bbc.co.uk

* 1. Which A&E did you go to? Please tell us the name of the hospital and post code (if you know it).

* 2. Were you advised to go to A&E after dialing 111?

* 3. Did you try to get a GP appointment first?

* 4. Do you mind telling us simply why you went?

* 5. What was your experience?

* 6. Do you take an active part in any health related campaigning?

* 7. Are you an active member of a political party, such as a party official or elected councillor?