Sanofi-Aventis recently launched, a new site "to help meet educational needs of diabetes community." According to S-A, the goal is to create "a single, comprehensive place where anyone can find and share definitions of diabetes-related terms and phrases." The site's tag line is "Diabetes doesn't define you... so define diabetes." or more information, see this Pharma Marketing Blog post: "Sanofi Launches Diabetapedia: 'Google' for Diabetes."

* 1. Several ideas have been proposed to improve the usefulness of Sanofi's Diabetapedia web site for people with diabetes. Please check the idea(s) you agree could improve the site and add you own in the comment box provided.

* 2. OPTIONAL: Please enter any other comments you have about Diabetapedia or questions about the site you would like answered by S-A.

Thank you for your responses. Visit Pharma Marketing Talk for information about an upcoming podcast where @pharmaguy will talk to S-A guests about its online diabetes initiatives, including Diabetapedia.