Zebras Unite Capital Census Final Draft

Thank you for your help! Your feedback is crucial in helping Zebras Unite support its members and community.

Zebras Unite calls for a more ethical and inclusive movement to counter existing startup and venture capital culture. We believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative. In this survey, we'd like to ask about: 1) Your company's current context, 2) Basic finances, 3) Thoughts on this movement's future and 4) Basic demographics.

The survey will take between 15-20 minutes. There is an optional 5-10 minute section at the end. Those who choose to answer will be added to a raffle for the chance to win free DazzleCamp 2020 tickets!

For all of us to grow together, Zebras Unite will share a summary of our findings with the community.

You have the right to stop the survey at any time.

Please be honest in your answers and know that your responses will be kept confidential and anonymous.