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* 1. What dental service did you receive today?

* 2. Did the dentist/hygienist take the time to adequately explain the treatment plan and answer your questions?

* 3. When your appointment was over, did you have an understanding of your diagnosis and treatment needs? If you did not understand, please tell us how we can better communicate to you.

* 4. Overall, are you satisfied with the quality of care you received?

* 5. How would you rate our preventive dentistry and hygiene care?

* 6. How would you rate our restorative and major (crown, bridge, denture, partials) dental care?

* 7. Are you aware that we are accepting new patients?

* 8. Would you refer a friend or family member to our office?

* 9. Were there any problems during your visit? If so please tell us so we may address your concern and improve on our patient care.

* 10. We appreciate any additional comments or recommendations you have on individuals, things we could change, new services you would like, or other ways to make your dental experience more enjoyable.