CINF Division Full Members ballot for the 2016 election of Division Officers.

Please follow the instructions below to cast your ballot. Your email address is your key for voting. However, SurveyMonkey has been configured so that your vote is not traceable back to your email address. Note that you can only submit this ballot once, so be sure of your selections before you submit the ballot. If you have problems, please send email to

To see the biographies and candidate statements, please see on the CINF website. Note that candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Thank you for voting!

Question Title

* 1. Chair-Elect 2017:

Question Title

* 2. Treasurer 2017-2018:

Question Title

* 3.

Councilor and Alternate Councilor (Term 2017-2019)

NOTE: vote for two. The person receiving the most votes will be Councilor for 2017-2019, the person receiving the second most votes will be Alternate Councilor for 2017-2019: