What Kind of Actor are You?

Hi friends,

My new program is being piloted for a year, involving 6 residencies with the students and ongoing weekly classes throughout the year.

What kind of candidate are you? Your responses, regardless of your level of interest in teaching, will help me form the future of the program.



* 1. As of right now, my top three acting-related goals are:

* 2. As of right now, these 3 are my lowest priority:

* 3. My top three strongpoints as an actor are:

* 4. The 3 least important area of acting for me right now are:

* 5. I feel acting is part of a greater purpose in my life.

* 6. I hope my acting performances and career help others.

* 7. Mark 3 choices that best describe you:

* 8. Mark 3 choices that best describe you:

* 9. While I'm here in Jacksonville, I would like to learn with Joanna to help others through my own acting career:

* 10. If I wasn't planning on acting as a career choice, I would probably be a: